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In it to Win it! Partnership Wellness Goals

When you love someone, it’s only natural to want the best for them – including taking care of their physical and mental health. It can be hard to approach this topic with your partner in a way that doesn't make them feel attacked or like they’re being judged.

To start, always focus on positive changes instead of negative critiques. Instead of emphasizing what needs to change, try pointing out what they have accomplished so far or bring attention to the small victories they are making towards better health. Celebrate these successes no matter how small because it will show your partner that you appreciate the effort they are putting into improving their lifestyle.

Also, understand that progress can be slow and some healthy changes may take time for them to adapt to. When communicating about wanting them to live a healthier life, do not use ultimatums as a form of manipulation or as an attempt to control them. Your partner will appreciate the encouragement more if you support and guide them through the process, instead of telling them what they should be doing. 

Most importantly, express your appreciation for who your partner is at every stage of their journey towards better health – no matter how big or small those steps may be. Make sure they know that you love and accept them regardless of whether they’re meeting their fitness goals or not; ultimately, feeling loved and supported is far more powerful than feeling controlled or shamed into action.

A few more thoughts to learn and understand when achieving your partnership goals in wellness together: 

  • Doing it together! - Life can oftentimes seem mundane but when you're with your favorite person, even the smallest of things feels like an adventure, like grocery shopping…make it fun and memorable, from big to small. 

  • Be considerate & respectful - Making changes to your health can sometimes be daunting and intimidating…be sure to encourage your partner in trying new things and be that support system he or she needs. 

  • Don’t force it - Forcing a healthy lifestyle can cause resistance. Nagging only leads to more distance and stress. Keep a positive mental attitude and open heart.

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